12/25/54Christmas tree
1956Tom & Bill, Christmas, Bethpage
1956Bill & steam shovel, Christmas, Bethpage
1956Tom & Christmas tree, Bethpage
1957Christmas tree & toys for the boys
12/25/57Bill with wagon in front of Christmas tree
Jun-59Tom at Christmas 1958
12/25/59Bill & Tom with decorated Christmas tree
12/25/59Bill & Tom with Christmas presents
12/25/59Bill & Tom with Cold War-inspired Christmas presents
12/25/60Tom with tons of toys at Christmas
12/25/61Christmas tree in playroom
12/25/61Barbara with Christmas presents
12/25/61Tom & Barbara with Christmas presents
12/25/62Tom & Bill on Christmas morning with Knight walkie-talkies
12/25/63Barbara, Bill & Tom with tons of Christmas presents
12/25/63Bill, Tom & Barbara with Christmas presents
12/25/63Christmas tree & display of presents
Dec-64Mom, Tom, Barbara with xmas presents
12/25/64Tom, Bill & Barbara with usual tonnage of Christmas presents
12/25/64Barbara, Tom & Edward in front of xmas tree at Lucy's
12/25/64Tom & Barbara w/ xmas presents
Dec-66Barbara in the Christmas spirit, El Lago
Dec-66First artificial Christmas tree, Mom, Barbara & Tom
Dec-66Barbara with xmas stockings hanging at Family Room fireplace
12/25/66Barbara, go-go dress & Christmas presents, El Lago
12/25/66Barbara, Tom & Bill with Christmas presents, El Lago
12/25/66Christmas tree, El Lago
Feb-67Christmas tree, El Lago
Feb-67Christmas morning
Feb-67Dining table set for Christmas, El Lago
Dec-68Barbara & Christmas tree, El Lago
Dec-69Christmas tree