Family - Mom

1951Mom in wedding dress, Lucy as matron of honor
1954Mom with Bill in playpen
1954Mom & Bill in gold chair in living room, Bethpage
1954Mom holding Bill in living room
1954Glamorous Mom in living room, Bethpage
Apr-54Bill & Mom at the piano
4/11/54Mom at front door of 9 Elizabeth Drive
4/18/54Mom in front of 9 Elizabeth Drive on Easter
Aug-54Mom steadying Bill, Richmond Hill
10/12/54Bill hiding a ball in Mom's kitchen
1955Mom, Bill & Lucy at 9 Elizabeth Dr.
1/16/55Dad & Mom in front of 9 Elizabeth Drive
1/16/55Mom, Aunt Mary, Uncle Manus & Joe
1/23/55Grandma, Bill & Mom at dining table, Richmond Hill
1/23/55Grandma feeding Bill, plus Mom, Richmond Hill
8/14/55Grandma, Mom & Robbie at Richmond Hill
1956Mom holding Tom outside Richmond Hill
5/10/56Lucy, Mom & Aunt Al
6/1/56Grandma & Grandpa Figueroa, 50th Anniversary (Lucy, Aunt Al, Mom behind screen door)
Sep-56Mom & Tom
Dec-56Tom in crib ( looking at Mom?)
Mar-57Mom holding Tom at front door, Bethpage
4/21/57Mom, Tom & Grandpa C in back yard, Bethpage
4/21/57Mom with Tom - Easter
4/28/57Tom, Mom, Bill & Dad
Jul-57Bill, Tom & Mom on beach at Cotuit, MA
Jul-57Mom & Bucko - cottage at Cotuit
7/20/58Mom, Tom & Bill at Edaville
7/20/58Tom, Mom, Bill, Aunts Al & Anne, Grandpa at Edaville
7/25/58Mom at Situate, Mass
7/25/58Joe's boat with Tom, Bill, Mom etc at Situate, Mass
Nov-58Tom, Mom & Bill in bedroom filled with Bill's drawings, Bethpage
Nov-58Mom & Tom (with exposure meter) in back yard, Bethpage
Aug-59Bill & Mom at Nantucket
Aug-59Edward, Bill, Tom, Mom & Dad at Nantucket
12/25/59Tom, Mom & Bill (in uniform)
4/23/60Tom & birthday cake , Mom
Jul-60Mom & Dad
Aug-60Dad & Mom plus Uncle Manus, Cotuit
Aug-60Lucy, Ed, Mom & Manus Getchell, Cotuit
Jan-61Mom holding Barbara at front door, Bethpage
Jan-61Mom holding Barbara in dining room, Bethpage
Jan-61Mom & Barbara
Jan-61Mom & Barbara
Apr-61Mom holding Barbara in front yard, Bethpage
Apr-61Barbara & Mom
Apr-61Mom & Barbara
Aug-61Bill & Mom in back yard, Bethpage
Aug-61Edward, Bill, Mom & Tom at Bronx Zoo
Aug-61Barbara, Mom & Tom at wading pool
Oct-61Bill, Tom, Mom & Edward, hot & tired
May-62Tom, Mom & Bill dressed up
Aug-62Mom in bathing suit in back yard
Aug-62Barbara & Mom in pool
1963Barbara, Bill, Tom & Mom at West Point
Feb-63Ed Johnson, Frank, Richard & Mom
4/23/63All smiles for birthday cake--Tom, Bill, Mom & Barbara
Aug-63Mom in pool
11/2/63Bill, Tom, Mom, Barbara & birthday cake
Jun-64Mom in blue dress in back yard
Jun-64Mom in fur coat in back yard
Jun-64Barbara & Mom in pool
Jun-64Tom, Barbara, Mom & Bill in pool
Jul-64Mom in swimsuit (cropped from larger image)
Sep-64Lucy & Mom in backyard
Oct-64NY World's Fair: Bill, Tom, Barbara & Mom
Oct-64NY World's Fair: Tom & Bill against wall at Spanish Pavilion (one of Mom's favorites)
Dec-64Mom, Tom, Barbara with xmas presents
Apr-65Whit, Tom, Rita, Bill, Mom & Barbara in living room, Bethpage
Apr-65Bill, Dad, Barbara, Mom & Tom at Easter
May-65Mom in Living room
5/23/65Tom's birthday cake at Lucy's & Whit, Lucy,Ed, Vinnie, Mom,Tom, Barbara & Dad
Jun-65Bill, Dad, Mom, Barbara & Tom in back yard
Jul-65Mom, Barbara, Aunt Anne, Bill, Aunt Al, Tom & Joe
Jul-65Mom, Aunt Al, Joe, Barbara, Bill & Tom
Aug-65Barbara, Tom, Mom, Bill & cousins Mark & Michael Getchell, Edaville Railroad
Nov-65Mom, Lucy & Ed Johnson in dining room, Bethpage
4/10/66Barbara, Mom, Bill & Tom in back yard at Easter, Bethpage
Aug-66Grandma, Mom, Tom, Barbara & Bill, Richmond Hill
Aug-66Grandma, Mom, Tom, Barbara & Bill, Richmond Hill
Aug-66Ed, Lucy,Mom, Tom & Barbara - after barbeque at Lucy's
Aug-66Grandma, Robbie, Mom, Lil Richard, Vin, Rita, Barbara, Tom & Whit
Sep-66The real family: Tom, Bill, Barbara, & Mom in back yard, El Lago
Sep-66The posed family: Mom, Tom, Bill & Barbara in back yard, El Lago
Nov-66Barbara & Mom at NASA
Dec-66First artificial Christmas tree, Mom, Barbara & Tom
Feb-67Mom at 1002 Cedar Lane
Feb-67Mom, Tom & Barbara in kitchen @ Cedar Lane. Barbara is saying " and I helped!"
Apr-67Mom in front yard, El Lago
Apr-67Tom, Mom, Barbara & Bill on Easter, El Lago
Apr-67Barbara, Dad & Mom lounging on patio, El Lago
Apr-67Mom, Barbara, Tom & Bill on deck of battleship Texas
Apr-67Mom, Tom, Bill, & Barbara at Seaworld, Galveston
4/23/67Tom, Mom & Bill with Tom's cake
Jun-67Bill, Tom, Mom, Lucy & Barbara at Hermann Park Zoo, Houston
Jun-67Bill, Barbara, Lucy, Mom & Tom, El Lago
Jun-67Dad, Bill, Barbara, Lucy, Mom & Tom
Nov-67Tom, Barbara & Mom at the Alamo
Nov-67Mom & Barbara at the Alamo
Nov-67Barbara, Tom & Mom at Alamo
Jul-68Bill, Tom, Barbara & Mom at Hemisfair
Jul-68Tom, Bill, Barbara & Mom at the Alamo
Jul-68Tom, Mom, Bill & Barbara on taxi-boat to Hemisfair
Jul-68Bill, Mom, Barbara, Dad & Tom, dressed up for Barbara's first communion
Jul-68Mom, Barbara & Lucy in back yard, El Lago
Jul-68Mom, Tom, Barbara, Lucy & Bill in back yard, El Lago
Aug-68Mom, Barbara, Tom & Bill at the museum entrance, Mexico City
Aug-68Mom & Dad relaxing in Acapulco, Mexico
Aug-68Barbara, Mom, Bill & Tom at Acapulco, Mexico
Aug-68Dad, Bill, Mom & Barbara on boat-Acapulco Bay
Nov-68Tom, Barbara, Bill & Mom with birthday cake
Apr-69Bill, Mom, Barbara, Dad & Tom at 1002 Cedar Lane
Jun-69Bill, Barbara, Tom & Mom at Carlsbad Reef
Jun-69Tom Mom, Bill & Barbara at Guadalupe Peak
Jun-69Mom, Tom, Barbara & Bill at salt flat, Merit, TX
Jun-69Bill & Mom at Chisos Basin trailhead
Jun-69Dad & Mom at cactus garden, Langtry, TX
Jun-69Mom, Tom, Barbara, & Bill at Judge Roy Bean's, Langtry, TX
Jul-69Barbara, Tom & Mom in back yard, El Lago
May-70Mom, Barbara, Tom & Bill at model house in Hauppauge, NY
May-70Robbie, Connie, Lucy, Tom, Bill & Mom at dining table, Bethpage
May-70Barbara, Bill, Mom, Robbie, Connie, Lucy & Tom
May-70Mom, Uncle Vinny, Tom, Barbara, Rita & Bill
May-70Eclipse watchers: Tom, Barbara & Mom
May-70Uncle Vinny, Mom, Barbara & Rita with Barbara's birthday cake
Oct-70Tom, Aunt Al, Barbara & Mom at John Adams' house, Quincy, MA
4/23/71Barbara, Tom & Mom - Tom's 15th birthday
Jul-71Mom, Bill, Barbara & Dad at 9 Elizabeth Drive
Nov-71Mom, Lucy, Barbara & Edward with long hair
Nov-71Bob & Frank Johnson, Mom, Lucy, Barbara & Edward
4/23/72Tom with long hair, Bill, Barbara & Mom and birthday cake
Nov-72Rita & Vinnie with Mom's chocolate cake
Jun-73Mom, Bill & Barbara - Syracuse NY for Craig Hunter's wedding
Jul-75Dad, Mom. Barbara, & Bill with Bill's Valiant
8/1/96Mom, Tom, Megan, Martha, Paula & Jake
8/1/96Tom & Mom