Contents of Photo CD 4892

4/21/57Grandpa C holding Tom in back yard, Easter at Bethpage
7/4/54Bill & Uncle Manus Getchell
7/4/54Aunt Mary & Uncle Manus (& small hedge) in back yard, Bethpage
4/18/54Mom in front of 9 Elizabeth Drive on Easter
5/23/54Aunt Al dressed to kill at 18 Temple St., Whitman
5/23/54Grandpa C holding Bill at 18 Temple St., Whitman
4/20/56Lucy & Ed Johnson in front of garage, Cambria Heights, NY
4/25/56Bucko & Bill at Governors Road, East Milton, MA
5/10/56Joe, Uncle Manus, Aunt Anne, Grandpa C & neighbor Jimmy Pierce, Bethpage
6/1/56Grandma & Grandpa Figueroa, 50th Anniversary (Lucy, Aunt Al, Mom behind screen door)
8/25/56Conlon's Gas Station, Whitman
9/5/54Aunt Anne hugging Bill, Whitman
9/5/54Aunt Winnie McCarthy trying to distract Bill, Union St., Holliston, MA
9/5/54Cousin Helen, Grandpa C & Aunt Winnie, Holliston, MA
12/31/54Uncle Frank (Father Gregory) holding Bill, Richmond Hill
9/6/54Joe Conlon, Whitman
Mar-53Ed Conlon on weekend pass from Fort Dix, before Korea
1/23/55Grandma feeding Bill, plus Mom, Richmond Hill
2/20/55Edward, Richard, Grandpa F & Bill on couch, Richmond Hill
Jul-65Bill in Little League uniform
Aug-59Tom at Cotuit, MA
Aug-59Bill, Tom & Edward outside Cotuit cottage
Jun-59Tom & his birthday cake
Jun-59Tom at Christmas 1958
Aug-60Tom & Bill on Joe's boat
Aug-60Tom & Bill on Joe's boat
Aug-60Tom & Bill in sailor's hats on Joe's boat
Jul-60Bill, Edward, & Tom at Cotuit
Aug-60Bill & Edward burying Tom in sand, Cotuit
Aug-60Dad & Mom plus Uncle Manus, Cotuit
Aug-60Lucy, Ed, Mom & Manus Getchell, Cotuit
Aug-60Joe, Bill & Tom at Cotuit
Aug-60Bill & Tom jumping, Cotuit
Aug-60Ed Johnson in Joe's boat
Aug-60Tom "driving" Mack truck at Edaville Railroad
Nov-589 Elizabeth Drive, Bethpage
Nov-58Tom, Mom & Bill in bedroom filled with Bill's drawings, Bethpage
Nov-58Bill & Tom (with exposure meter) in back yard, Bethpage
Nov-58Bill & Tom (with exposure meter) in back yard, Bethpage
Nov-58Mom & Tom (with exposure meter) in back yard, Bethpage
Nov-58Bill & Tom in back yard, Bethpage
11/2/58Bill's birthday: Beckley, Hunter, Beckley, Bill & Beckley
11/2/58Bill's birthday: Beckley, Hunter, Beckley, Bill , Beckley & Tom
11/2/58Bill's birthday
Apr-61Barbara wearing bonnet, living room, Bethpage
Aug-61Barbara in playpen in back yard, Bethpage
Aug-61Barbara in washbasin, back yard, Bethpage
Aug-63Barbara in dress & bonnet in back yard
Feb-63Barbara dressed up in living room (Bill's softball under radiator)
Apr-65Tom in school play costume, Bethpage
1964Bill in pitching stance in Little League uniform
Apr-69Barbara in Brownie uniform with Mike (the psychokitty) Nelson. Check out those go-go boots.
1954Glamorous Mom in living room, Bethpage
Jul-65Mom, Barbara, Aunt Anne, Bill, Aunt Al, Tom & Joe
Mar-56Bill with soldering iron in basement, Bethpage
Mar-56Bill with soldering iron & oscilloscope, Bethpage
Feb-63Barbara wearing gloves & bonnet in back yard
Feb-63Barbara & Tom kneeling in back yard
Feb-63Barbara & Tom standing in back yard
Feb-63Barbara with ironing board
Feb-63Barbara in snowsuit
Feb-63Tom, Barbara & Bill in snow in back yard
Feb-63Ed Johnson, Frank, Richard & Mom
May-63Little League ball game
May-63Little League ball game
May-63Tom gives Barbara a horsy ride
May-63Elizabeth Drive Gang
May-63Tom with new bike (and pistol)
May-63Tom, Barbara, Bill & Tom's birthday cake
Nov-63Barbara & (unhappy) kitten
Nov-63Bill's confirmation (Oct. 8, 1963)
Nov-63Tom & Barbara in front yard
Nov-63Tom in white shirt & tie
Nov-63Tom, Barbara, Bill & birthday cake
11/2/63Bill, Tom, Mom, Barbara & birthday cake
Oct-63Bill pitching in Little League minor league championship game
Jul-64Barbara holding branches
Aug-63Tom leaning against tree
Aug-63Bill leaning against tree
Aug-65Gas station, Temple St., Whitman
1963Barbara, Bill, Tom & Mom at West Point
1963Tom & Barbara astride cannons at West Point
1963Barbara, Tom, & Bill on a caisson, West Point
1963Tom aiming cannon, West Point
1963Tom astride cannon, West Point
May-62Barbara & tricycle, front yard
May-62Tom, Mom & Bill dressed up
May-62Barbara with exposure meter in back yard
May-62Bill & Tom at Richard and Betty's wedding
May-62Tom, Dad & Bill
Oct-64NY World's Fair: Unisphere
Oct-64NY World's Fair: Bill, Barbara & Tom
Oct-64NY World's Fair: Barbara & Tom in Mercury capsule
Oct-64NY World's Fair: LEM mockup
Oct-64NY World's Fair: Saturn rocket mockup
Oct-64NY World's Fair: Spanish Pavilion
Oct-64NY World's Fair: Bill, Tom, Barbara & Mom
Oct-64NY World's Fair: sun setting behind Unisphere
Oct-64NY World's Fair: Tom & Bill against wall at Spanish Pavilion (one of Mom's favorites)
Apr-65Jones Beach at sunset