Contents of Photo CD 3772

Apr-65Whit, Tom, Rita, Bill, Mom & Barbara in living room, Bethpage
Jun-65Barbara in front of Lucy's piano
Apr-65Tom, Barbara & Bill dressed up in back yard
Apr-65Close-up of Tom, Barbara & Bill dressed up in back yard
Jun-65Bill, Dad, Mom, Barbara & Tom in back yard
Jun-649 Elizabeth Drive, Bethpage
Jun-64Little League opening day parade
Jun-64Bill & Little League team
Jun-64Mom in blue dress in back yard
Jun-64Mom in fur coat in back yard
Jun-64Dad with a sulking Barbara
Jun-64Barbara & Mom in pool
Jun-64Tom & Bill in pool
Jun-64Tom, Barbara, Mom & Bill in pool
Aug-65Barbara, Tom & Bill in front of GM Pavilion at NY World's Fair
Aug-65Tom, Barbara & Bill at World's Fair
Aug-65Barbara in her favorite hat at World's Fair
Sep-65Barbara on her first day of kindergarten, Bethpage
Nov-65Barbara & gang at her 5th birthday party
Nov-65Barbara blowing out candles at 5th birthday party
4/10/66Barbara, Mom, Bill & Tom in back yard at Easter, Bethpage
Dec-65Model Matchbox village
Nov-65Bill's birthday
Nov-65Mom, Lucy & Ed Johnson in dining room, Bethpage
Aug-65Tom & cousin Mark Getchell in locomotive, Edaville Railroad
Aug-65Barbara, Tom, Mom, Bill & cousins Mark & Michael Getchell, Edaville Railroad
Aug-65Barbara in Engine 1455, Edaville Railroad
Aug-65Barbara with cousins Mary & Kathleen Getchell
Aug-65Michael & Mary Getchell, Barbara, Kathleen & Mark Getchell, & Bill
Aug-65Conlon headstone, St. James Cemetery, Whitman: Martin J. Conlon (1887-1958), Ella (Fox) Conlon (1894-1932)
Aug-65Fogarty headstone, St. James Cemetery, Whitman: Elena M. Conlon (1890-1927)
May-66Bill, Tom, Barbara, & Tom's mocha birthday cake
May-66Houston Astrodome at the end of game
Aug-66Boat races at Clear Lake, TX
Aug-661002 Cedar Lane, Seabrook, TX 77586
Aug-66Aunts Anne & Al, Tom & Joe on couch, Bethpage
Aug-66Ed Johnson grilling; Lucy, Bill, Tom & Barbara watching, Cambria Heights
Aug-66Grandma, Mom, Tom, Barbara & Bill, Richmond Hill
Aug-66Grandma, Mom, Tom, Barbara & Bill, Richmond Hill
Aug-59Dad & Bill in Joe's boat
Aug-59Edward in Joe's boat
Aug-59Bill in Joe's boat
Aug-59Edward, Bill & Tom at Hyannis, MA
Aug-59Edward at Edaville Railroad, Edaville, MA
Aug-59Bill driving a truck, Edaville Railroad
Aug-59Tom & Bill at Edaville Railroad
Aug-65Dad's scouting trip--1002 Cedar Lane, Seabrook, TX
Aug-65Rock garden with pool, back yard, 1002 Cedar Lane
Aug-65Odd tree trunk, back yard, 1002 Cedar Lane
Oct-66Grumman picnic at League City--Joe & Dad, Bill Stead
Dec-66Barbara in the Christmas spirit, El Lago
Dec-66Tom with Dad's first VW, El Lago
12/25/66Barbara, go-go dress & Christmas presents, El Lago
12/25/66Christmas tree, El Lago
12/25/66Barbara, Tom & Bill with Christmas presents, El Lago
Apr-68Bill in CAP uniform standing on wing of Mooney
Apr-68Bill in left seat of Mooney, preparing for CAP flight
Apr-68Barbara at Easter
Feb-67Mom at 1002 Cedar Lane
Feb-67Barbara at the end of Cedar Lane
Feb-67Christmas tree, El Lago
Feb-67Dining table set for Christmas, El Lago
Feb-67Christmas morning
Jan-69Barbara & Ann Snygg, El Lago
Jan-69Barbara & Ann Snygg hamming it up, El Lago
Nov-68Tom, Barbara, Bill & Mom with birthday cake
Nov-68Tom, Barbara & Bill with Bill's birthday cake
Jan-69Bill in uniform at Ellington AFB
Dec-68Tank maneuvers in the model village
Dec-68Barbara & Christmas tree, El Lago
Aug-68Mom, Barbara, Tom & Bill at the museum entrance, Mexico City
Jan-69Bill's chess board from Mexico City
Apr-69Barbara, Ann Snygg & Eileen Michael on jungle gym
Apr-69Close-up of Barbara with pierced ears
Apr-69Tom in blazer, El Lago
Apr-69Bill in CAP uniform, El Lago
Apr-69Two-color flower bush, El Lago
Apr-69Bottle bush in driveway, El Lago
Apr-69Barbara, Tom & Bill with Tom's birthday cake
Apr-69Bill, Mom, Barbara, Dad & Tom at 1002 Cedar Lane