Trips - Mexico

Aug-68Mom, Barbara, Tom & Bill at the museum entrance, Mexico City
Aug-68Barbara & Bill on main street to Pyramid of the Moon, Mexico
Aug-68Pyramid of the Sun from ground level, Mexico
Aug-68Barbara at top of Pyramid of the Sun (Pyramid of the Moon in back), Mexico
Aug-68Barbara near top of pyramid, Mexico
Aug-68Bill & Barbara halfway down pyramid, Mexico
Aug-68Barbara & Bill near bottom of pyramid, Mexico
Aug-68View from hotel room in Acapulco, Mexico
Aug-68Mom & Dad relaxing in Acapulco, Mexico
Aug-68Barbara, Bill & Tom on beach, Acapulco, Mexico
Aug-68Barbara at Basilica de Guadalupe, Mexico
Aug-68Barbara, Mom, Bill & Tom at Acapulco, Mexico
Aug-68Tom in Nat'l Museum of Anthropology , Chapultepec Park- Mexico City
Aug-68Bill, Barbara & Tom at entrance to Alameda Park - Mexico City
Jan-69Bill's chess board from Mexico City