Relatives - Lucy

1951Mom in wedding dress, Lucy as matron of honor
3/29/54Eddie & Lucy Johnson in living room, Bethpage
1955Mom, Bill & Lucy at 9 Elizabeth Dr.
1955Bill & Lucy
4/20/56Lucy & Ed Johnson in front of garage, Cambria Heights, NY
5/10/56Lucy, Mom & Aunt Al
6/1/56Grandma & Grandpa Figueroa, 50th Anniversary (Lucy, Aunt Al, Mom behind screen door)
Aug-60Lucy, Ed, Mom & Manus Getchell, Cotuit
12/11/60Ed J., Aunt Anne, Ed, Dotty, Lucy, Bill, Edward, & Tom - Barbara's Baptism
Sep-64Lucy & Mom in backyard
5/23/65Tom's birthday cake at Lucy's & Whit, Lucy,Ed, Vinnie, Mom,Tom, Barbara & Dad
Jun-65Barbara in front of piano at Lucy's
Jun-65Barbara in front of Lucy's piano
Nov-65Mom, Lucy & Ed Johnson in dining room, Bethpage
Aug-66Ed Johnson grilling; Lucy, Bill, Tom & Barbara watching, Cambria Heights
Aug-66Ed, Lucy,Mom, Tom & Barbara - after barbeque at Lucy's
Jun-67Barbara & Lucy with Sonny Look's knight
Jun-67Barbara & Lucy at Sonny Look's restaurant
Jun-67Bill, Tom, Mom, Lucy & Barbara at Hermann Park Zoo, Houston
Jun-67Lucy with bouquet, El Lago
Jun-67Bill, Barbara, Lucy, Mom & Tom, El Lago
Jun-67Dad, Bill, Barbara, Lucy, Mom & Tom
Jun-67Lucy at Manned Spacecraft Center, Houston
Jun-67Lucy in front of Bldg 32 (SESL) after construction completed
Jul-68Barbara practicing piano with Lucy
Jul-68Mom, Barbara & Lucy in back yard, El Lago
Jul-68Mom, Tom, Barbara, Lucy & Bill in back yard, El Lago
May-70Robbie, Connie, Lucy, Tom, Bill & Mom at dining table, Bethpage
May-70Barbara, Bill, Mom, Robbie, Connie, Lucy & Tom
Nov-71Mom, Lucy, Barbara & Edward with long hair
Nov-71Bob & Frank Johnson, Mom, Lucy, Barbara & Edward