Contents of Photo CD 4101

Jan-04Mom, Bill & Lucy at 9 Elizabeth Dr.
6/19/55Bill at Grandma's & dog
1/1/04Bill & ? at Lucy's
1/1/04Bill & Lucy
1/1/04Bill at front door with exposure meter
7/31/55Bill watering tree
1/16/55Mom, Aunt Mary, Uncle Manus & Joe
12/25/54Bill with rocking horse
3/2/55Bill in crib
1/16/55Bill reading newspaper
1/3/55Bill on gold chair
12/25/54Christmas tree
9/11/55Bill on tricycle - backyard
8/21/55Joe in backyard- 9 Elizabeth Dr.
8/14/55Bill at wheel of '50 Chevrolet
8/14/55Grandma, Mom & Robbie at Richmond Hill
10/24/54Aunt Al/Mary walking Bill at 9 Elizabeth Dr.
Jan-04Bill at Lucy's backyard
Aug-64Bill, Tom & bicycle
Aug-65Dad, Tom, Barbara, Mark & Michael at Edaville
Oct-64Tom on cannon at West Point
Apr-64Bldg 32 Space Environment Simulation Lab. (Thermal-Vac) MSC Houston
4/18/69Barbara and (Texas) birthday cake
Aug-65Edward & Tom at Lucy's
12/25/64Barbara, Tom & Edward in front of xmas tree at Lucy's
12/25/64Tom & Barbara w/ xmas presents
Dec-64Mom, Tom, Barbara with xmas presents
5/23/65Tom's birthday cake at Lucy's & Whit, Lucy,Ed, Vinnie, Mom,Tom, Barbara & Dad
May-65Mom in Living room
Apr-64Barbara & kittens
Apr-64Tom in front yard, dressed for Easter
Jan-64Barbara at front door holding exposure meter
7/7/64Bill & Tom at World's Fair with Unisphere in background
7/7/64Fountains & Unisphere at World's Fair
Jul-64Mom in swimsuit (cropped from larger image)
Apr-67Tom's GI Joe group with Jeep
Apr-67Tom's GI Joe group with Jeep
Apr-61Tom at wheel of '50 Chevrolet
Apr-61Barbara & Mom
Apr-61John Beckley & Bill - Easter
Apr-67Mom, Barbara, Tom & Bill on deck of battleship Texas
Feb-67Mom, Tom & Barbara in kitchen @ Cedar Lane. Barbara is saying " and I helped!"
Dec-66Barbara with xmas stockings hanging at Family Room fireplace
Aug-63Mom in pool
Aug-62Barbara at tree 9 Elizabeth Dr.
Aug-62Barbara at tree 9 Elizabeth Dr.
Sep-64Barbara smiling
Sep-64Lucy & Mom in backyard
Sep-64Michael, Barbara & Joe at 9 Elizabeth Dr.
Sep-64Aunt Anne at 9 Elizabeth Dr.
4/23/61Tom's birthday party
Apr-61Mom & Barbara
Jan-61Mom & Barbara
11/2/60Bill & Tom with Bill's birthday cake
Jan-61Mom & Barbara
12/11/60Ed J., Aunt Anne, Ed, Dotty, Lucy, Bill, Edward, & Tom - Barbara's Baptism
Jul-71Bill en route to Switzerland- CAP trip via Ny-Wash.-Rhein-Main, Geneva
Dec-69Christmas tree
Oct-61Ed & Dot - Wedding day
Oct-61199 Plymouth St. Whitman- Ed & Dot's house
Aug-68Tom in Nat'l Museum of Anthropology , Chapultepec Park- Mexico City
Aug-68Bill, Barbara & Tom at entrance to Alameda Park - Mexico City
Aug-68Central canopy over courtyard at Nat'l Museum of Antropology
Jul-68Barbara & Tom in boat - San Antonio
Oct-67Barbara in costume
Oct-67Rita Conlon
Oct-67Barbara with broken arm & Eileen Michel (cropped from larger image)
8/18/67Barbara and (Texas) birthday cake
Jun-67Lucy at Manned Spacecraft Center, Houston
Jun-67Lucy in front of Bldg 32 (SESL) after construction completed
Apr-67Birds at pond - Seaworld, Galveston
Apr-67Mom, Tom, Bill, & Barbara at Seaworld, Galveston
Nov-67Barbara, Tom & Mom at Alamo
Oct-70Bob Dockweiler & Barbara in costumes
Aug-70Barbara - flower girl at Alyce & Richard Johnson wedding
Aug-70Alyce & Richard Johnson - wedding
Jul-6012 Elizabeth Drive
Aug-60Fred Smith, Duke Curby & Joe at Cotuit
May-82Tom, Judith, (Lev?), Bill, Jake & Paula with face hidden
ca1970/71Barbara in costume - furs - cavewoman style
Feb-63Barbara with lots of lipstick
11/18/72Barbara with birthday cake and great tee-shirt
Nov-72Tom at Plymouth Rock
Nov-72Dad, ? & Aunt Al at Governor's Rd. , E. Milton
Nov-72Barbara with horse at stable
Nov-72Rita & Vinnie with Mom's chocolate cake
Aug-66Grandma, Robbie, Mom, Lil Richard, Vin, Rita, Barbara, Tom & Whit
Aug-65Barbara on swing at crabapple tree
7/25/58Mom at Situate, Mass
7/20/58Mom, Tom & Bill at Edaville
7/20/58Tom, Mom, Bill, Aunts Al & Anne, Grandpa at Edaville
7/25/58Bill, Tom & Grandpa at Situate, Mass
7/25/58Joe's boat with Tom, Bill, Mom etc at Situate, Mass
Aug-59Bill & Mom at Nantucket
Aug-59Edward, Bill, Tom, Mom & Dad at Nantucket