Contents of Photo CD 3930

Jul-69Bill at Ellington AFB
Jul-69Bill at Ellington AFB
Jul-69Bill & Tom's bedroom at 1002 Cedar Lane
Jul-69Barbara's bedroom at 1002 Cedar Lane
Jul-69Dad & Tom in back yard, El Lago
Jul-69Barbara, Tom & Mom in back yard, El Lago
May-70Tom, Bill, Barbara & Joe in Whitman, MA
May-70Mom, Barbara, Tom & Bill at model house in Hauppauge, NY
May-70Robbie, Connie, Lucy, Tom, Bill & Mom at dining table, Bethpage
May-70Barbara, Bill, Mom, Robbie, Connie, Lucy & Tom
May-70Mom, Uncle Vinny, Tom, Barbara, Rita & Bill
May-70Uncle Vinny, Mom, Barbara & Rita with Barbara's birthday cake
May-70Barbara in the snow wearing favorite pink parka
May-70Bill & Barbara in the snow
May-70Tom, Barbara & Bill with Tom's birthday cake
May-70Barbara & Tom setting up for eclipse
May-70Solar eclipse
May-70Eclipse watchers: Tom, Barbara & Mom
Jul-71Dad in front yard, Bethpage
Jul-71Mom, Bill, Barbara & Dad at 9 Elizabeth Drive
1961Tom, Bill & Dad on swinging chair
11/2/60Tom & Bill with Bill's mocha birthday cake
Jan-61Mom holding Barbara at front door, Bethpage
Jan-61Mom holding Barbara in dining room, Bethpage
Jan-61Tom & Bill in snow in front of 9 Elizabeth Drive
Jan-61Bill atop snow mound, '58 Chevy in driveway
Jan-61Barbara & Tom on couch
Jan-61Barbara & Bill on couch
Apr-61Tom, Barbara & Bill in living room, Bethpage
Apr-61Barbara as kewpie doll, Bethpage
4/23/61Barbara in highchair
Apr-61Mom holding Barbara in front yard, Bethpage
Aug-63Barbara & Tom on Engine 10 at Edaville Railroad
Aug-63Tom's first communion, St. James Church, NY
Aug-63Tom's first communion, front yard
Aug-63Barbara & tricycle in living room
Aug-63Barbara in pool
Aug-63Barbara wearing pink dress in back yard
Aug-63Close-up of Barbara with bonnet
Aug-63Tom & Barbara on steam tractor, Edaville Railroad
8/1/64Close-up of Barbara smiling
8/2/64Close-up of pensive Tom
Sep-64Tom walking on water
Sep-64Close-up of Bill smiling
Sep-64Ed Johnson in pool
Sep-64Close-up of Tom & Bill
Sep-64Barbara laughing
Aug-62Uncle Jim, Bill, Edward, Tom & Fay in ppol
Aug-62Tom in swim trunks in back yard
Aug-62Barbara with exposure meter in front of pool
Aug-62Barbara in wading pool
Aug-62Mom in bathing suit in back yard
Aug-62Tom in pool
Aug-62Barbara & Dad in pool
Aug-62Tom on pool ladder
Aug-62Tom & Bill in pool
Aug-62Tom in pool with Ivory Soap float
Aug-62Bill on pool ladder
Aug-62Barbara & Mom in pool
Aug-62Barbara in frilly jumper, front yard
54/55Bill on bedroom floor
54/55Bill playing on bedroom floor
10/24/54Aunt Mary, Bill, & Aunt Al in front of 9 Elizabeth Drive
1955Rite of passage: Bill holding exposure meter, Bethpage
1955Bill with toy car, Richmond Hill
1955Bill with soldering iron
1955Bill with toys, Richmond Hill
3/18/56Bill in snow, back yard, Bethpage
1/16/55Dad & Mom in front of 9 Elizabeth Drive
12/31/54Bill in kitchen at Richmond Hill
2/20/55Bill & Grandpa F relaxing on couch at Richmond Hill
1/23/55Grandma, Bill & Mom at dining table, Richmond Hill
2/10/55Bill straddling crib, Bethpage
9/7/54Grandpa C holding a sleeping Bill at the gas station, Whitman
10/12/54Bill in the shiny 1950s kitchen of 9 Elizabeth Drive
11/2/61Barbara, Bill & Tom posing with birthday cake
11/18/61Barbara in rocking chair, 1st birthday
11/11/61Bill & Tom at Blue Hills, Milton, MA
Mar-62Barbara with look-alike doll
Mar-62Tom & Bill at front door
Aug-57Digging in the sand: Bill, Tom, Dad, Grandpa C & Aunt Al at Cotuit
4/21/57Tom in playpen & Bill, back yard, Bethpage
4/21/57Bill & Grandpa C in back yard, Bethpage
57/58Bill & a Beckley with snow pile
Dec-57Bill with exposure meter
7/1/56Bill with peddle car, Bethpage
5/10/56Joe, Manus, Aunt Anne & Grandpa C in front of car
Jun-59Bill, Dad & Tom in back yard with remains of snow fort
Jun-59Beckleys & Bill ice skating in Richmond Park, Bethpage
Jun-59Tom & Bill with Tom's birthday cake
Jun-59Bill & Tom with train set in basement, Bethpage
Jun-59Elizabeth Drive Gang
Jul-57Bill, Tom & Mom on beach at Cotuit, MA
Mar-57Mom holding Tom at front door, Bethpage
4/21/57Mom, Tom & Grandpa C in back yard, Bethpage
4/23/57Tom with birthday cake
6/29/57Tom & Bill at Servomechanisms Inc. picnic, Hechsher Park, NY
Dec-56Tom standing in crib, Bethpage
1956Mom holding Tom outside Richmond Hill
Jun-57Tom in stroller & Bill on tricycle, Bethpage