Contents of Photo CD 3206

4/18/54Dad holding Bill & teddy bear, Easter at Richmond Hill
11/29/53Dad, Joe, Grandpa C & Aunt Anne in living room, Bethpage
3/29/54Eddie & Lucy Johnson in living room, Bethpage
4/9/54Bill at 6 months
12/12/53Bill on Mom's shoulder
1953The beginning: 9 Elizabeth Drive
3/11/54Bill propped up on pillow
4/13/54Bill in carriage with teddy bear
3/11/54Bill propped up on couch
4/18/54Grandma kissing Bill, Easter at Richmond Hill
Apr-54Bill & Mom at the piano
4/11/54Mom at front door of 9 Elizabeth Drive
1954Bill standing in crib, Bethpage
1954Bill in funky 1950s stroller in front of house, Bethpage
7/4/54Uncle Manus helps Bill stand, while Aunt Mary watches in amazement
1954Bill at the Craftsman radio cabinet
1954Mom with Bill in playpen
1954Bill in highchair
6/1/54Dad & Bill in front of 9 Elizabeth Drive
6/1/54Shirley, Bill & Manus Jr. in front of 9 Elizabeth Drive
12/12/53Grandma holding Bill, Richmond Hill
11/29/53Bill & Grandpa F after Bill's christening, Bethpage
1954Mom & Bill in gold chair in living room, Bethpage
5/23/54Grandpa C & Bill at 18 Temple St., Whitman, MA
1954Grandma & Bill in rocking chair, Richmond Hill
10/12/54Bill hiding a ball in Mom's kitchen
4/18/54Dad helping Bill stand, Easter at Richmond Hill
5/23/54Grandpa C, Bill & Aunt Anne at 18 Temple St., Whitman
7/4/54Uncle Manus holding Bill while Aunt Mary watches, Bethpage
1953/549 Elizabeth Drive
7/31/55Bill with hose, back yard, Bethpage
Aug-54Mom steadying Bill, Richmond Hill
8/1/55Bill in favorite enclosure, Bethpage
8/14/55Bill at the side of the house, Bethpage
1/16/55Bill on rocking horse in living room, Bethpage
12/31/54Bill shaking flour on Grandma's kitchen floor
1954Mom holding Bill in living room
7/20/55Bill playing with water & buckets on back stoop, Bethpage
Mar-56Bill with oscilloscope
3/18/56Bill in snow, front yard, Bethpage
11/2/58Tom, Geoff Hunter, Bill & Craig Hunter at Bill's birthday
11/2/58Bill & new bicycle, Bethpage
11/2/58Elizabeth Drive Gang
11/2/58Tom, Geoff & Craig Hunter, Bill & John Beckley, Bill's birthday party
11/2/59Bill's birthday party: Pierce, Kruse, Beckleys, Hunters, Bill & Tom
11/2/59Craig Hunter, Bill & Tom at birthday party
11/2/59Tom, Bill & gang at birthday party
4/23/58Bill & 2-year-old Tom with Tom's birthday cake
4/23/60Tom & Bill at Tom's 4th birthday
4/23/60Bill flashing hand grenade at Tom's 4th birthday
4/23/60Bill watching Tom blow out candles
11/2/60Tom & Bill at Bill's 7th birthday
4/23/61Tom & gang at Tom's birthday party
4/23/61Tom & gang with party favors at Tom's birthday party
4/23/61Tom & cake at his 5th birthday
11/18/61Barbara in rocking chair on 1st birthday
11/18/62Barbara in rocking chair with stuffed animal birthday present
11/2/61Barbara, Bill & Tom with Bill's birthday cake
11/18/62Barbara blows out birthday candles without impressing Bill or Tom
4/23/63All smiles for birthday cake--Tom, Bill, Mom & Barbara
11/2/63Tom & Barbara watching Bill blow out birthday candles
11/18/63Tom, Barbara, Bill with Barbara's birthday cake
11/2/64Bill, Tom, Barbara with Bill's birthday cake
11/18/64Tom, Barbara, Bill with Barbara's birthday cake
Aug-66Staten Island ferry
Aug-66San Jacinto Monument on our flight to Texas
8/18/66Holiday Inn at Nassau Bay, TX
Sep-661002 Cedar Lane, Seabrook, TX
Sep-66The real family: Tom, Bill, Barbara, & Mom in back yard, El Lago
Sep-66The posed family: Mom, Tom, Bill & Barbara in back yard, El Lago
8/31/66National Boat Races at Clear Lake, TX
10/17/66Bill & Joe in living room, El Lago
Nov-66Barbara & Mom at NASA
Nov-66NASA buildings
Nov-66Bill at NASA
10/16/66Jets-Oilers game at Rice Stadium
1956Tom & Bill, Christmas, Bethpage
1956Bill & steam shovel, Christmas, Bethpage
1956Tom & Christmas tree, Bethpage
1957Christmas tree & toys for the boys
12/25/57Bill with wagon in front of Christmas tree
Dec-59Bill & Tom trimming tree
12/25/59Bill & Tom with decorated Christmas tree
12/25/59Bill & Tom with Christmas presents
12/25/59Bill & Tom with Cold War-inspired Christmas presents
12/25/59Tom, Mom & Bill (in uniform)
12/25/60Tom with tons of toys at Christmas
12/25/61Christmas tree in playroom
12/25/61Barbara with Christmas presents
12/25/61Tom & Barbara with Christmas presents
12/25/62Tom & Bill on Christmas morning with Knight walkie-talkies
12/25/63Barbara, Bill & Tom with tons of Christmas presents
12/25/63Bill, Tom & Barbara with Christmas presents
12/25/63Christmas tree & display of presents
12/25/64Tom, Bill & Barbara with usual tonnage of Christmas presents
Feb-81Dad at White Sands, NM, during Grumman trip
Dec-64Barbara in yellow coat & hat in back yard
Dec-64Bill, Barbara & Tom at Tackapausha Park, NY
Jun-65Barbara, Tom & Bill with birthday cake
Jun-65Barbara in front of piano at Lucy's