Relatives - Other Figueroa side

1951Francis W. Figueroa (Uncle Frank or Father Gregory)
1951Jerome Figueroa (Uncle Jerry)
1951Richard A. Figueroa (Uncle Richard Ferguson) on leave from Army
1951Robert R. Figueroa (Uncle Robbie)
1951Vincent A. Figueroa (Uncle Vinny)
12/31/54Uncle Frank (Father Gregory) holding Bill, Richmond Hill
8/14/55Grandma, Mom & Robbie at Richmond Hill
6/1/56Grandma & Grandpa Figueroa, 50th Anniversary (Lucy, Aunt Al, Mom behind screen door)
Jul-60Uncle Frank ( Fr. Gregory ) & Bill at Lucy's
May-62Betty & Richard Ferguson - Wedding day
Aug-62Uncle Jim, Bill, Edward, Tom & Fay in ppol
5/23/65Tom's birthday cake at Lucy's & Whit, Lucy,Ed, Vinnie, Mom,Tom, Barbara & Dad
Jul-65Uncle Vinnie (Fr. Eugene ) - 25th anniversary
Aug-66Grandma, Robbie, Mom, Lil Richard, Vin, Rita, Barbara, Tom & Whit
May-70Robbie, Connie, Lucy, Tom, Bill & Mom at dining table, Bethpage
May-70Barbara, Bill, Mom, Robbie, Connie, Lucy & Tom
May-70Mom, Uncle Vinny, Tom, Barbara, Rita & Bill
May-70Uncle Vinny, Mom, Barbara & Rita with Barbara's birthday cake
Nov-72Rita & Vinnie with Mom's chocolate cake
1990Edline Rousseau Figueroa (Cousin Jimmy's wife)
1990James E. Figueroa (Cousin Jimmy) with camera
1990James J. Figueroa (Uncle Jimmy) with riding gloves
1990James J. Figueroa (Uncle Jimmy) with sculptures
1990Laura Fay Grant Figueroa (Aunt Fay)
1997James P. Figueroa (Little Jimmy) with camera
1997Little Jimmy Figueroa
1998Grave marker for William Ignatius Figueroa (died 1947)
1998Grave marker for William J. Figueroa (died 1919) and Theresa M. Figueroa (died 1965)
1998George Grant Figueroa
1998Sister Paschal, Mom's cousin on the Figueroa side