Family - Critters

6/19/55Bill at Grandma's & dog
4/25/56Bucko & Bill at Governors Road, East Milton, MA
May-62Tom, Dad & Bill
Nov-63Barbara & (unhappy) kitten
Apr-64Barbara & kittens
Apr-65Jones Beach at sunset
Apr-67Barbara's turtles: Tom & Dick Smothers, El Lago
Apr-67Birds at pond - Seaworld, Galveston
Apr-69Barbara in Brownie uniform with Mike (the psychokitty) Nelson. Check out those go-go boots.
Sep-73Barbara in jumping competition
Sep-73Barbara riding
Sep-73Bill & Freckles Marie
Jul-75Freckles drinking at bird bath
Jul-75Bill playing soccer with Freckles
1993Hops in Barbara's family room, Colorado Springs, CO
Feb-96Barbara & Hops on property, Silver Cliff, CO