Family - Bill

11/29/53Bill & Grandpa F after Bill's christening, Bethpage
12/12/53Bill on Mom's shoulder
12/12/53Grandma holding Bill, Richmond Hill
1954Bill standing in crib, Bethpage
1954Bill in funky 1950s stroller in front of house, Bethpage
1954Bill at the Craftsman radio cabinet
1954Mom with Bill in playpen
1954Bill in highchair
1954Mom & Bill in gold chair in living room, Bethpage
1954Grandma & Bill in rocking chair, Richmond Hill
1954Mom holding Bill in living room
3/11/54Bill propped up on pillow
3/11/54Bill propped up on couch
Apr-54Bill & Mom at the piano
4/9/54Bill at 6 months
4/13/54Bill in carriage with teddy bear
4/18/54Dad holding Bill & teddy bear, Easter at Richmond Hill
4/18/54Grandma kissing Bill, Easter at Richmond Hill
4/18/54Dad helping Bill stand, Easter at Richmond Hill
5/23/54Grandpa C & Bill at 18 Temple St., Whitman, MA
5/23/54Grandpa C, Bill & Aunt Anne at 18 Temple St., Whitman
5/23/54Grandpa C holding Bill at 18 Temple St., Whitman
6/1/54Dad & Bill in front of 9 Elizabeth Drive
6/1/54Shirley, Bill & Manus Jr. in front of 9 Elizabeth Drive
7/4/54Uncle Manus helps Bill stand, while Aunt Mary watches in amazement
7/4/54Uncle Manus holding Bill while Aunt Mary watches, Bethpage
7/4/54Bill & Uncle Manus Getchell
Aug-54Mom steadying Bill, Richmond Hill
9/5/54Aunt Anne hugging Bill, Whitman
9/7/54Grandpa C holding a sleeping Bill at the gas station, Whitman
10/12/54Bill hiding a ball in Mom's kitchen
10/12/54Bill in the shiny 1950s kitchen of 9 Elizabeth Drive
10/24/54Aunt Mary, Bill, & Aunt Al in front of 9 Elizabeth Drive
10/24/54Aunt Al/Mary walking Bill at 9 Elizabeth Dr.
12/25/54Bill with rocking horse
12/31/54Bill shaking flour on Grandma's kitchen floor
54/55Bill on bedroom floor
54/55Bill playing on bedroom floor
12/31/54Bill in kitchen at Richmond Hill
12/31/54Uncle Frank (Father Gregory) holding Bill, Richmond Hill
1955Rite of passage: Bill holding exposure meter, Bethpage
1955Bill with toy car, Richmond Hill
1955Bill with soldering iron
1955Bill with toys, Richmond Hill
1955Mom, Bill & Lucy at 9 Elizabeth Dr.
1955Bill & ? at Lucy's
1955Bill & Lucy
1955Bill at front door with exposure meter
1/3/55Bill on gold chair
1/16/55Bill on rocking horse in living room, Bethpage
1/16/55Bill reading newspaper
1/23/55Grandma, Bill & Mom at dining table, Richmond Hill
1/23/55Grandma feeding Bill, plus Mom, Richmond Hill
2/10/55Bill straddling crib, Bethpage
2/20/55Bill & Grandpa F relaxing on couch at Richmond Hill
2/20/55Edward, Richard, Grandpa F & Bill on couch, Richmond Hill
3/2/55Bill in crib
6/19/55Bill at Grandma's & dog
7/20/55Bill playing with water & buckets on back stoop, Bethpage
7/31/55Bill with hose, back yard, Bethpage
7/31/55Bill watering tree
8/1/55Bill in favorite enclosure, Bethpage
8/14/55Bill at the side of the house, Bethpage
8/14/55Bill at wheel of '50 Chevrolet
9/11/55Bill on tricycle - backyard
1956Tom & Bill, Christmas, Bethpage
1956Bill & steam shovel, Christmas, Bethpage
Mar-56Bill with oscilloscope
Mar-56Bill with soldering iron in basement, Bethpage
Mar-56Bill with soldering iron & oscilloscope, Bethpage
3/18/56Bill in snow, front yard, Bethpage
3/18/56Bill in snow, back yard, Bethpage
4/25/56Bucko & Bill at Governors Road, East Milton, MA
7/1/56Bill with peddle car, Bethpage
Dec-56Bill prepares to climb telephone pole
Jan-57Tom supporting kitchen table as Bill looks on with baited breath
1957Bill at Lucy's backyard
Mar-57Tom & Bill
4/21/57Tom in playpen & Bill, back yard, Bethpage
4/21/57Bill & Grandpa C in back yard, Bethpage
4/28/57Tom, Mom, Bill & Dad
Jun-57Tom in stroller & Bill on tricycle, Bethpage
6/29/57Tom & Bill at Servomechanisms Inc. picnic, Hechsher Park, NY
Jul-57Bill, Tom & Mom on beach at Cotuit, MA
Jul-57Mary Pilote, Bill & Norm Pilote - Popponessett Beach ( Cape Cod)
Aug-57Digging in the sand: Bill, Tom, Dad, Grandpa C & Aunt Al at Cotuit
Aug-57Bill, Tom, Aunt Al & Grandpa - Cotuit
Nov-57Bill, Bucko & Tom -Aunt Al's , Governor's Rd. E. Milton
Dec-57Bill with exposure meter
12/25/57Bill with wagon in front of Christmas tree
57/58Bill & a Beckley with snow pile
Mar-58Uncle Manus,Dot, Joe, Aunts Anne & Al,Tom, Bill & Michael -E. Milton
4/23/58Bill & 2-year-old Tom with Tom's birthday cake
6/15/58Bill & Grandpa - Richmond Hill
7/5/58Tom & Bill at Lollipop Farm
7/20/58Mom, Tom & Bill at Edaville
7/20/58Tom, Mom, Bill, Aunts Al & Anne, Grandpa at Edaville
7/25/58Bill, Tom & Grandpa at Situate, Mass
7/25/58Joe's boat with Tom, Bill, Mom etc at Situate, Mass
Aug-58Tom & Bill in backyard
Nov-58Tom, Mom & Bill in bedroom filled with Bill's drawings, Bethpage
Nov-58Bill & Tom (with exposure meter) in back yard, Bethpage
Nov-58Bill & Tom (with exposure meter) in back yard, Bethpage
Nov-58Bill & Tom in back yard, Bethpage
11/2/58Bill & new bicycle, Bethpage
11/2/58Tom, Geoff Hunter, Bill & Craig Hunter at Bill's birthday
11/2/58Tom, Geoff & Craig Hunter, Bill & John Beckley, Bill's birthday party
11/2/58Bill's birthday: Beckley, Hunter, Beckley, Bill & Beckley
11/2/58Bill's birthday: Beckley, Hunter, Beckley, Bill , Beckley & Tom
11/2/58Bill's birthday
Jun-59Bill, Dad & Tom in back yard with remains of snow fort
Jun-59Beckleys & Bill ice skating in Richmond Park, Bethpage
Jun-59Bill & Tom with train set in basement, Bethpage
Jun-59Tom & Bill with Tom's birthday cake
Aug-59Bill, Tom & Edward outside Cotuit cottage
Aug-59Dad & Bill in Joe's boat
Aug-59Bill in Joe's boat
Aug-59Edward, Bill & Tom at Hyannis, MA
Aug-59Bill driving a truck, Edaville Railroad
Aug-59Tom & Bill at Edaville Railroad
Aug-59Tom & Bill on beach - Cotuit
Aug-59Bill & Mom at Nantucket
Aug-59Edward, Bill, Tom, Mom & Dad at Nantucket
11/2/59Bill's birthday party: Pierce, Kruse, Beckleys, Hunters, Bill & Tom
11/2/59Craig Hunter, Bill & Tom at birthday party
11/2/59Tom, Bill & gang at birthday party
Dec-59Bill & Tom trimming tree
12/25/59Tom, Mom & Bill (in uniform)
12/25/59Bill & Tom with decorated Christmas tree
12/25/59Bill & Tom with Christmas presents
12/25/59Bill & Tom with Cold War-inspired Christmas presents
4/23/60Tom & Bill at Tom's 4th birthday
4/23/60Bill flashing hand grenade at Tom's 4th birthday
4/23/60Bill watching Tom blow out candles
Jul-60Bill, Edward, & Tom at Cotuit
Jul-60Uncle Frank ( Fr. Gregory ) & Bill at Lucy's
Aug-60Bill & Edward burying Tom in sand, Cotuit
Aug-60Joe, Bill & Tom at Cotuit
Aug-60Bill & Tom jumping, Cotuit
Aug-60Tom & Bill on Joe's boat
Aug-60Tom & Bill on Joe's boat
Aug-60Tom & Bill in sailor's hats on Joe's boat
11/2/60Tom & Bill at Bill's 7th birthday
11/2/60Tom & Bill with Bill's mocha birthday cake
11/2/60Bill & Tom with Bill's birthday cake
12/11/60Ed J., Aunt Anne, Ed, Dotty, Lucy, Bill, Edward, & Tom - Barbara's Baptism
1961Tom, Bill & Dad on swinging chair
Jan-61Tom & Bill in snow in front of 9 Elizabeth Drive
Jan-61Bill atop snow mound, '58 Chevy in driveway
Jan-61Barbara & Bill on couch
Apr-61Tom, Barbara & Bill in living room, Bethpage
Apr-61John Beckley & Bill - Easter
Aug-61Bill & Tom in wading pool
Aug-61Bill & Mom in back yard, Bethpage
Aug-61Edward, Bill & Tom on camel at Bronx Zoo
Aug-61Edward, Bill, Mom & Tom at Bronx Zoo
Aug-61Bill at Jones Beach
Oct-61Bill, Tom, Mom & Edward, hot & tired
11/2/61Barbara, Bill & Tom with Bill's birthday cake
11/2/61Barbara, Bill & Tom posing with birthday cake
11/11/61Bill & Tom at Blue Hills, Milton, MA
Mar-62Tom & Bill at front door
May-62Tom, Mom & Bill dressed up
May-62Bill & Tom at Richard and Betty's wedding
May-62Tom, Dad & Bill
May-62Dad, Tom, & Bill
Aug-62Uncle Jim, Bill, Edward, Tom & Fay in ppol
Aug-62Tom & Bill in pool
Aug-62Tom in pool with Ivory Soap float
Aug-62Bill on pool ladder
11/18/62Barbara blows out birthday candles without impressing Bill or Tom
12/25/62Tom & Bill on Christmas morning with Knight walkie-talkies
1963Barbara, Bill, Tom & Mom at West Point
1963Barbara, Tom, & Bill on a caisson, West Point
Feb-63Tom, Barbara & Bill in snow in back yard
4/23/63All smiles for birthday cake--Tom, Bill, Mom & Barbara
May-63Tom, Barbara, Bill & Tom's birthday cake
May-63Jeff Hunter,Stuart Silver,Bobby Beckley, Tom & Billy Horn
Aug-63Bill leaning against tree
Aug-63Bill- Confirmation
Nov-63Bill's confirmation (Oct. 8, 1963)
Nov-63Tom, Barbara, Bill & birthday cake
11/2/63Tom & Barbara watching Bill blow out birthday candles
11/2/63Bill, Tom, Mom, Barbara & birthday cake
11/18/63Tom, Barbara, Bill with Barbara's birthday cake
12/25/63Barbara, Bill & Tom with tons of Christmas presents
12/25/63Bill, Tom & Barbara with Christmas presents
1964Bill in pitching stance in Little League uniform
Jun-64Bill & Little League team
Jun-64Tom & Bill in pool
Jun-64Tom, Barbara, Mom & Bill in pool
Jun-64Bill in baseball card pose
7/7/64Bill & Tom at World's Fair with Unisphere in background
Aug-64Bill & Tom about to be clobbered
Aug-64Bill, Tom & bicycle
Sep-64Close-up of Bill smiling
Sep-64Close-up of Tom & Bill
Oct-64NY World's Fair: Bill, Barbara & Tom
Oct-64NY World's Fair: Bill, Tom, Barbara & Mom
Oct-64NY World's Fair: Tom & Bill against wall at Spanish Pavilion (one of Mom's favorites)
11/2/64Bill, Tom, Barbara with Bill's birthday cake
11/18/64Tom, Barbara, Bill with Barbara's birthday cake
Dec-64Bill, Barbara & Tom at Tackapausha Park, NY
Dec-64Tom, Bill, Richard J., Barbara & Edward playing poker
12/25/64Tom, Bill & Barbara with usual tonnage of Christmas presents
Apr-65Whit, Tom, Rita, Bill, Mom & Barbara in living room, Bethpage
Apr-65Tom, Barbara & Bill dressed up in back yard
Apr-65Close-up of Tom, Barbara & Bill dressed up in back yard
Apr-65Bill, Barbara & Tom
Apr-65Bill, Dad, Barbara, Mom & Tom at Easter
Jun-65Bill, Dad, Mom, Barbara & Tom in back yard
Jun-65Barbara, Tom & Bill with birthday cake
Jul-65Bill in Little League uniform
Jul-65Mom, Barbara, Aunt Anne, Bill, Aunt Al, Tom & Joe
Jul-65Bill - Tigers Minor League Championship game
Jul-65Mom, Aunt Al, Joe, Barbara, Bill & Tom
Aug-65Barbara, Tom & Bill in front of GM Pavilion at NY World's Fair
Aug-65Tom, Barbara & Bill at World's Fair
Aug-65Barbara, Tom, Mom, Bill & cousins Mark & Michael Getchell, Edaville Railroad
Aug-65Michael & Mary Getchell, Barbara, Kathleen & Mark Getchell, & Bill
Nov-65Bill's birthday
4/10/66Barbara, Mom, Bill & Tom in back yard at Easter, Bethpage
May-66Bill, Tom, Barbara, & Tom's mocha birthday cake
Aug-66Ed Johnson grilling; Lucy, Bill, Tom & Barbara watching, Cambria Heights
Aug-66Grandma, Mom, Tom, Barbara & Bill, Richmond Hill
Aug-66Grandma, Mom, Tom, Barbara & Bill, Richmond Hill
Sep-66The real family: Tom, Bill, Barbara, & Mom in back yard, El Lago
Sep-66The posed family: Mom, Tom, Bill & Barbara in back yard, El Lago
Oct-66Grumman picnic at League City--Joe & Dad, Bill Stead
10/17/66Bill & Joe in living room, El Lago
Nov-66Bill at NASA
12/25/66Barbara, Tom & Bill with Christmas presents, El Lago
Apr-67Tom, Mom, Barbara & Bill on Easter, El Lago
Apr-67Tom, Dad, Barbara & Bill on Easter, El Lago
Apr-67Bill on Battleship Texas
Apr-67Mom, Barbara, Tom & Bill on deck of battleship Texas
Apr-67Mom, Tom, Bill, & Barbara at Seaworld, Galveston
4/23/67Tom, Mom & Bill with Tom's cake
Jun-67Bill, Tom, Mom, Lucy & Barbara at Hermann Park Zoo, Houston
Jun-67Bill, Barbara, Lucy, Mom & Tom, El Lago
Jun-67Dad, Bill, Barbara, Lucy, Mom & Tom
Oct-67Bill boarding a C119 at Ellington Air Force Base
Apr-68Bill in CAP uniform standing on wing of Mooney
Apr-68Bill in left seat of Mooney, preparing for CAP flight
Apr-68Barbara, Tom & Bill at Easter
Jul-68Bill, Tom, Barbara & Mom at Hemisfair
Jul-68Tom, Bill, Barbara & Mom at the Alamo
Jul-68Tom, Mom, Bill & Barbara on taxi-boat to Hemisfair
Jul-68Bill, Mom, Barbara, Dad & Tom, dressed up for Barbara's first communion
Jul-68Mom, Tom, Barbara, Lucy & Bill in back yard, El Lago
Jul-68Tom & birthday cake, with glum Barbara & Bill
Aug-68Mom, Barbara, Tom & Bill at the museum entrance, Mexico City
Aug-68Barbara & Bill on main street to Pyramid of the Moon, Mexico
Aug-68Bill & Barbara halfway down pyramid, Mexico
Aug-68Barbara & Bill near bottom of pyramid, Mexico
Aug-68Barbara, Bill & Tom on beach, Acapulco, Mexico
Aug-68Barbara, Mom, Bill & Tom at Acapulco, Mexico
Aug-68Bill, Barbara & Tom at entrance to Alameda Park - Mexico City
Aug-68Dad, Bill, Mom & Barbara on boat-Acapulco Bay
Nov-68Tom, Barbara, Bill & Mom with birthday cake
Nov-68Tom, Barbara & Bill with Bill's birthday cake
Jan-69Bill's chess board from Mexico City
Jan-69Bill in uniform at Ellington AFB
Apr-69Bill in CAP uniform, El Lago
Apr-69Bill, Mom, Barbara, Dad & Tom at 1002 Cedar Lane
Apr-69Barbara, Tom & Bill with Tom's birthday cake
Jun-69Bill, Barbara, Tom & Mom at Carlsbad Reef
Jun-69Tom Mom, Bill & Barbara at Guadalupe Peak
Jun-69Mom, Tom, Barbara & Bill at salt flat, Merit, TX
Jun-69Bill & Mom at Chisos Basin trailhead
Jun-69Mom, Tom, Barbara, & Bill at Judge Roy Bean's, Langtry, TX
Jul-69Bill at Ellington AFB
Jul-69Bill at Ellington AFB
Jul-69Bill & Tom's bedroom at 1002 Cedar Lane
May-70Tom, Bill, Barbara & Joe in Whitman, MA
May-70Mom, Barbara, Tom & Bill at model house in Hauppauge, NY
May-70Robbie, Connie, Lucy, Tom, Bill & Mom at dining table, Bethpage
May-70Barbara, Bill, Mom, Robbie, Connie, Lucy & Tom
May-70Mom, Uncle Vinny, Tom, Barbara, Rita & Bill
May-70Bill & Barbara in the snow
May-70Tom, Barbara & Bill with Tom's birthday cake
Jul-71Mom, Bill, Barbara & Dad at 9 Elizabeth Drive
Jul-71Bill en route to Switzerland- CAP trip via Ny-Wash.-Rhein-Main, Geneva
Aug-71Bill - CAP uniform
4/23/72Tom with long hair, Bill, Barbara & Mom and birthday cake
Jun-73Mom, Bill & Barbara - Syracuse NY for Craig Hunter's wedding
Sep-73Barbara, Tom & Bill in pool, Bethpage
Sep-73Bill & Freckles Marie
Sep-73Bill & the Chevy wagon
Sep-73Bill in front yard, Bethpage
Sep-73Bill, Barbara & Tom in pool
Jul-75Dad, Mom. Barbara, & Bill with Bill's Valiant
Jul-75Bill playing soccer with Freckles
May-82Tom, Judith, (Lev?), Bill, Jake & Paula with face hidden