Application for Historic Review

Application Filed: 4 Feb 1999
File Number: 99-HRB-16

Public Hearing Wednesday, March 3, 1999 at 8:00 a.m. at City Council Conference Room, Civic Center, 250 Hamilton Avenue, First Floor

Photographs are attached

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1. Applicant Request: Historic Merit Screening

2. Property Location:

Address of Subject Property: 2330 Bryant Street
Zone District: R-1
Assessor's Parcel Number: 124-14-031

3. Requested Action: Determine that residence is not Historic and not Contributing

4. Applicant:

William M. Conlon and Judith E. Schwartz
2330 Bryant Street
Palo Alto, CA 94301

5. Property Owner:

William M. Conlon and Judith E. Schwartz
2330 Bryant Street
Palo Alto, CA 94301

6. Action Taken

7. Your Next Step

8. Optional Other Materials

1. Property
The property is described as follows:

LOT 6 in BLOCK 64, as shown on that certain Map entitled "Re-Subdivision of Blocks 58 and 63 of the Seale Addition, to the Town of Palo Alto, Plat No. 2-Book K, page 75", which Map was filed for record in the office of the Recorder of the County of Santa Clara, State of California on December 4, 1907 in Book "M" of Maps, at page(s) 6.

The lot has a frontage of 50 feet and a depth of 112.5 feet. It is zoned R-1.

2. Structure
The structure is a wood frame and stucco single story residence, of approximately 1,315 square feet including a one-car garage. In addition to the garage, there are two bedrooms, one bathroom, a foyer, living room with fireplace, dining room, kitchen and laundry room. A covered lanai of approximately 150 sq. ft. is at the back of the house.

There are no distinctive architectural features.

3. History
The house is believed to have been built circa 1930. The original architect, builder and owner are unknown.

The present owners purchased the house in May, 1984 from Judith and Bradford O'Brien, who used the house as a rental property prior to selling it. According to the title reports, the O'Briens had purchased the house from Warren K. Kourt in February, 1977. Previous owners are unknown.

4. Modifications
Few modifications appear to have been made to the house. The lanai was added probably in the 1970s. 100 amp electrical service was installed for the laundry room, probably during the 1960s. Kitchen and bath remodeling was probably undertaken in the 1960s, judging by the style and color of appliances.

5. Neighborhood
The surrounding neighborhood consists of a diverse array of styles, primarily two story. All of the adjoining properties have been remodeled or rebuilt as 2 story residences. The house to the south (2340 Bryant) was remodeled in the 1970s to add a second story. The house to the north was demolished circa 1988 and replaced with a roughly 4,000 sq. ft. two story house. The adjoining properties to the rear have had two story additions (one is now under construction).

Photographs of Property