Front Room/Den

Overall feeling: warm, cozy, a place to put your feet up and hang out.

insert photo from Essential house book page 19

view of ochre colored walls w/wood trim

Ochre colored walls, window trim wood-stained, hardwood floor

insert photo of couch currently in living room

Use this couch.


insert photo of rug currently in living room

Use this rug

insert photo of 3 large Wimberly photos

Large Wimberly photographs on wall over couch

insert photo of James Talmadge print currently in bedroom

James Talmadge print

insert photo of Aiz Periz print

Aiz Periz print needs to be framed. Possibly in same blue distressed frame as the Talmadge piece.

Link to items to be reframed.

Insert photo of small wooden bookcase currently in bedroom

Place bookcase under the window

Insert photo of white chair currently in the living room

Needs to be recovered in a fabric that complements the couch. Window seat cushion should be in the same new fabric.

Link to items to be recovered


insert photo of end table currently in living room next ot couch

Lamp to be placed on this table in the corner between the couch and chair

Need to get furniture for TV/VCR, not clear yet what's right or where it will be placed

Link to items to be purchased

Want a low, coffee table type piece so we can eat while watching a movie. No definite image yet.

Link to items to be purchased

Brass table lamp currently in storage.

Not sure what window treatments would be right. Maybe shutters.

More lighting will be needed. Sconces for soft lighting when watchng a movie. A floor lamp.